Donald Trump, Hurricane Maria and the Neglect of Puerto Rico

Donald Trump at his golf course while Puerto Rico suffers

One would think that, when a horrific natural disaster hits a U.S. territory containing 3 million citizens, a normal President would be quick to respond with aid as well as words of comfort.

But Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico as taught us, again, that Donald Trump is not a normal President (or human being).

With his slow initial response as the hurricane made landfall, his public attacks on San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and his pathetic (now infamous) paper towel toss, Trump has displayed a callousness toward human suffering that extends beyond even my pessimistic imagination.

Meanwhile, 85 percent of the island is still without electricity.

In other words, Lin Manuel-Miranda was right.

I may not match up with Miranda in the spoken word department, but hopefully the cartoon above illustrates our President's utter lack of empathy.

Side note: Here's how you can help Puerto Rico.

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