Jeff Flake, (Faux) American Hero

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake made headlines on Tuesday with a fiery speech denouncing President Donald Trump ... the same speech in which he announced his upcoming retirement after 2018. Is it a stark departure from Congressional leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, who have long abdicated any sense of qualms about using Emperor Orange (potential nuclear war and all) to build their temple of tax cuts for the rich?


But questions remain. Specifically:

1) What, exactly, about Trump's ignorance, repugnant behavior and general lack of fitness for office was unclear to Flake a year ago? (Reading James Fallows of The Atlantic would have helped!) 2) Would Flake be giving this speech if he were not facing the pressure of re-election? Seems to be a theme lately.

3) If Trump's threat to our civic fabric is so singular, why is Flake declining to use the Constitutionally-granted power of his chamber to check it?

4) And while he's at it, could Flake think more deeply about how Trump may simply be the logical extension of the party that nominated him? Hopefully, he does. After all, Flake will have a lot of free time soon.

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